A Day in the Life: Kick Off Meeting

April 18, 2014

We’re creating space for people from different backgrounds and communities to learn about each other. The hope is that if the people who design products technology better understand people and communities from diverse experiences and backgrounds, they’ll design products that improve the lives of a broader set of users. So, we’re connecting New Yorkers to New Yorkers. As densely populated as this city is, it’s hard to do.  

One way we’re building this space is through our program, A Day in the Life. It aims to bring technology people, like engineers and product developers, together with members outside of their tech community. We’re pairing them with New Yorkers who are different from them: immigrants, single moms, community college students.  

A Day in the Life takes place over the course of one day. We pair up technologists with a member of a community that’s underserved by technology. Pairs share their stories and aspirations, learn about everyday challenges, and get a glimpse into how technology impacts lives and how it might be reimagined to improve lives.

To kick off A Day in the Life, we brought in participating technologists and community college students to our offices to meet, share their plan for the day and start to think about technological solutions to everyday problems.  To give an example of what our community guides came up with, here’s one day that a student planned.

  • Head to the library at her local community center
  • Take the dollar van to the local grocery store
  • Bring groceries home and walk about the neighborhood
  • Stop for lunch at the local sandwich shop next to her school
  • Take the bus to Significance Labs  


Community guides and technologists spent the evening at the Significance Labs preparing their activities and getting to know each other. On April 13th, they’ll spend the day exploring new communities and learning more about the role technology plays in each other’s lives.



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