Catalyst Application

A Six Month Social Impact Incubator

Note: you cannot save and resume this form, so please download the questions linked below in advance and prepare your answers before completing the form:
2020 Catalyst Application Questions

2020 Catalyst Application

Page 1: Contact Info

All questions 300 words or less. Note, you cannot save and resume. The questions are available for download in advance.

Page 2: Product Details

Page 3: Product Info (All answers 500 words or less)

100 words or less

Give a short profile of 2-3 types of users your product aims to serve

With demo credentials or a screen capture of a demo

Page 4: Team

Please provide a link to their bio/linkedin, portfolio, github, etc.

Page 5: Impact

Low income as defined as making less than $50k per year in NYC.

I.E. Money saved, delta in likelihood of graduation, etc. What evidence (studies, pilots, etc.) leads you to believe these numbers?

Page 6: Sustainability

Page 7: Future Plans

Page 8: Why Catalyst and Robin Hood

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