Medium: Model Results

September 13, 2016    

Innovators are using technology to change our world — creating global connections, more effective healthcare, safer roads, and on the second floor of a Brooklyn walk-up, solutions in the fight against poverty. That’s where Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood (BRL) is supporting the efforts of leading technologists, designers, entrepreneurs and others with the next big idea for social good. The initiative helps identify and launch tech-enabled products or ventures through three initiatives: the Fellowship, a five-month program to prototype and test new technology for social change; Catalyst, a six-month incubator that helps boost the most promising early-stage ventures; and access to the Design Insight Group (DIG), a community of over 500 low-income New Yorkers who provide feedback on products. Model Results:… READ POST

Inside Philanthropy: Social Entrepreneurs Are Getting Hip to Systems

September 13, 2016    

From its Brooklyn co-working space, Blue Ridge guides its portfolio companies through the treacherous early life of the startup, assisting them with grants and expertise as they flesh out their offerings, learn the entrepreneurial ropes, and start shopping around for investors. In many ways, Blue Ridge Labs is similar to startup incubators across the country. But several things mark it out as a place to watch. For one, the Robin Hood Foundation funds Blue Ridge in its entirety. And Robin Hood, in turn, has the backing of a powerful board representing the city’s wealthiest interests. For another, Blue Ridge Labs takes a refreshingly systems-oriented view and is good at listening. In a Startup Incubator, More Signs Social Entrepreneurs Are Getting… READ POST

Propel and Significance Labs on Bloomberg TV

September 30, 2014    

Propel and Significance Labs on Bloomberg TV Significance Labs co-founder Hannah Calhoon and Propel co-founder Jimmy Chen discuss how the companies came together to create products solving real-world problems. They speak with Pimm Fox on “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg) READ POST