Fellowship Roles




Design Fellows bring experience in UI/UX, visual, or research design. We’re looking for candidates who are comfortable conducting interviews and focus groups and have a bag of tricks they use to draw out insights and feedback. Within a team, they’ll often be responsible for planning and leading research conversations, building rapid prototypes, and ensuring digital products are delightful, easy to use, and visually appealing.

Ashley Treni

I feel quite lucky to say that I am still working on a project that came out of that summer, so it’s without a doubt the best thing I took from that experience was meeting my team!… If you told me at the start of the Fellowship this is where I would be today, I would have never thought it possible, and can’t imagine anything else I’d rather be doing.

Ashley Treni, Co-Founder and Design Director, JustFix.nyc Ashley is a UX designer with a background in generative research, hospitality, and data visualization.


Engineering Fellows bring experience in full stack development, ideally with prior project work in mobile web, web applications, or third party APIs. We’re looking for candidates who write concise, clean code but also understand that part of building technology is getting out and talking to people. Within a team, they’ll often be responsible for picking the platform, building the architecture, and setting the plan for implementation.

Michael Hassin

Affiliation with Robin Hood grants unparalleled access… Having both the time to prototype things and the chance to get feedback from everyone from tenant organizers to directors of legal aid organizations to everyday people who are the unofficial ‘mayors’ of their communities is what lets the magic happen.

Michael is a full-stack engineer who’s built everything from enterprise-grade projects for Fortune 500 companies to open-sourced civic technology applications. Before the Fellowship, he was a developer at ThoughtWorks.


Expert Fellows bring a deep knowledge of the challenge area – whether that comes from academic research, frontline service, personal experience, policy or advocacy. We’re looking for candidates who have a perspective on where opportunities may lie and a strong desire to share their expertise with others. Within a team, they’ll often be responsible for framing the research agenda, identifying resources, and building networks and partnerships.

Selma Jackson

The Fellowship was recommended by a friend and my initial reaction was to pass. I doubted I would be selected because my technology skills were limited. But after experiencing a 92-year-old mistreated by Access-A-Ride, the community activist in me quickly opened the application and applied.

Selma’s career has spanned bank management, nonprofit management, teaching, founding and running a business, and community activism. Before the Fellowship, she was staying active during her retirement by working on her second children’s book.


Product Fellows bring experience in product management and / or a history of prior entrepreneurship. We’re looking for candidates who can translate a big vision into a product roadmap and are skilled at finding and capturing market opportunities. Within a team, they’ll often be responsible for defining and testing assumptions, owning the product roadmap, and figuring out how the product fits into the broader ecosystem.

Jimmy Chen

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Fellowship, it’s that there are not nearly enough talented technologists working on the problems faced by low-income Americans. The Fellowship provides a unique opportunity to dive into some truly important problems – don’t pass it up.

Jimmy’s background is in product management at consumer software companies, including roles at LinkedIn and Yahoo!. Before the Fellowship, he led the Facebook Groups team and oversaw its growth to over 500 million active monthly users.