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July 16, 2014

Significance Labs’  A Day in the Life  Program offers technologists a unique opportunity to connect with low-income Americans.

What is it?

There are 2 million New Yorkers who live in families earning less than $25,000/year, and at Significance Labs, we believe that technology could be better tailored to their unique circumstances.

A Day in the Life  gives you a chance to spend a  Saturday  getting to know a New Yorker from a low-income community.

We’re working with families who will be your host, inviting you into their homes and neighborhoods, share a meal with you, and give you a glimpse of their day-to-day lives.

You’ll see how they  use technology and think about how that could be re-imagined to better serve them. Simple conversations and new perspectives can inspire fresh ideas.

And you’d be in good company. President Obama has  begun a similar  A Day in The Life  initiative,  ”getting out of the White House”  and spending a day  with an ordinary American.


Sessions will be held this summer on  Saturday July 26  and  Saturday August 9.  

They take place from  10:00  am –  4:30  pm.  

You’ll participate in a short  orientation session where you’ll get to know your hosts, travel to their community and share a meal  together, and then return for a short debrief session.

And we’ve done it before – April’s session of  A Day in the Life  was a great success.

Sign up is easy and free, but spots are limited and allocated first come first served.

Gain perspective. Understand new challenges. Uncover opportunities.



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