Are we building technology for those who need it most?

25 million American families live on less than $25,000 a year.

Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood is a Brooklyn-based social impact incubator. Our programs encourage entrepreneurs, designers, and developers to build products for communities that are often overlooked by technology.


Our five-month, paid Fellowship helps innovators build high-impact products for low-income New Yorkers. Applications close March 20th.

Access to Civil Legal Services

This year’s challenge: Closing the ‘justice gap’

The courts are the final line of defense against poverty and inequality — yet too many New Yorkers lack the support of an attorney when they are forced to fight to stay in their homes, protect their wages, or avoid deportation. We think technology has a role to play in ensuring the justice system works for everyone, regardless of income.



Resourceful entrepreneurs who tackle big problems.


Imaginative UX/UI experts who can visualize and delight.


Thoughtful full-stack builders who code and test with care.


Knowledgable advocates who can unravel and explain.

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Are you a New Yorker who’s had trouble finding legal assistance, were born outside the US , or works multiple jobs? Join our Design Insight Group (DIG) and get paid to share your experiences and test out new products!

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Catalyst gives social ventures a six-month opportunity to build an organization that could reach millions.
Designed for brilliant teams with a prototype that need support to scale their social impact.

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November 16, 2015

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