Tech can do more to solve real problems.

Blue Ridge Labs is a place where technologists and communities work together to explore and build new solutions for New Yorkers. We provide space, funding, and resources to help launch and grow tech platforms that address economic inequality in NYC.


Our six-month Catalyst program gives social ventures the opportunity to build an organization that could reach millions.

We're looking for brilliant teams with a prototype that need support to scale their social impact.


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Are you a New Yorker who is working to make ends meet?

We want to hear from you! Join our Design Insight Group (DIG) and get paid to share your experiences and test out new products!

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The Fellowship

Our five-month, paid Fellowship helps innovators build high-impact products for low-income New Yorkers.
By taking a customer-centric approach and pushing our fellows to iterate quickly and cheaply, we aim to build products that can really make a difference.

We are not currently accepting applications for the Fellowship, but sign up for the newsletter for announcements.

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